Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Good Flea and Me

Wow, can't believe its Tuesday already. Monday just flew by and I wish it were back, minus the cleaning.

I got up at the butt crack of dawn yesterday morning to finish mowing the front yard and finish cleaning parts of the house before Felicia got here. I was sooo excited to be meeting my first Blog Buddy.

What was really funny is I got an email from her yesteday morning asking if we were axe murderers , lol. We aren't , but like I'd admit it if we were, hahahaha. She said her hubby was a little anxious for her on this trip since she had agreed to stay with people they had never really met in person. What was the funniest is after she got here lastnight and we ate dinner , she called her hubby to tell him she arrived safely. Then she told him she couldn't talk very long because the axe I had her pinned to the wall with wouldn't allow for much conversation!

Anyway, her and her son Thaniel had a safe trip here and didn't get caught up in too much Dallas traffic. They pulled into the driveway about 2 minutes before Chris arrived home from work - what timing! Then we got them settled and the pizza man showed up. Felicia wanted to help pay for the pizza , but we said no, they were our guests it was our treat. As a payment for our hospitality though she insisted on taking us out for breakfast before they hit the road again.

Here are some fun pictures:

This was after we ate dinner , just before I took her on a small car tour of our historical part of town. She took some fabulous pictures and will post those later I'm sure.
Not sure if you can see him very well, but Mr Monkeysuit had to get in on the action with the ladies.

This is where we went to breakfast this morning and totally stuffed ourselves.

We found that we had alot more in common then we had realized and wound up trading books. Here I lent her Because I Said So by fellow blogger Dawn Meehan. She hadn't ever read her blog.
Here is me with two books that she lent me!

Here are the kiddos, who hit it off perfectly. Mr Monkeysuit tried to hone in on this action too, here Nicole was trying to get him to poop on Than's head!
Here is Mr Monkeysuit trying to steal a kiss from Nicole

Here is Than trying to choke Mr Monkeysuit for kissing Nicole !
And of course Mr Monkeysuit got to meet the puppy. He wan't too fond of Korie though - he was afraid he would get eaten as a small snack.

After breakfast we came hom and too soon they were on the road to Louisiana. I wish they could have stayed longer. The short time we spent together was a ton of fun though, and hopefully we can get together again soon.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad you had a great time!! :)


Coffee Bean said...

How fun! I'm green.

Anonymous said...

THat's so awesome! Glad ya'll got to meet, and how awesome is that, to meet a fellow blogger!

Chris H said...

I am glad your visit went so well.

jojo said...

Isn't it terrific to meet new friends from the blogworld..;p

Michelle said...

Oh how fun! It's always neat to realize how much you have in common with people when you don't expect it. Glad it all worked out so well for you.

Flea said...

It was SOOO much fun getting together! Thank you for your lovely hospitality! I loved every minute of it!