Monday, April 14, 2008

WOOHOO!! I got a present in the mail:))

YAY! I got my second place prize fromKaren Deborah in the mail today.. it was ... BUBBLEWRAP:)))) Thanks you so much for this fun yet economical stress realiever:))


Ok, so I either suck at taking digital pictures, or there is something wrong with my digital camera. Which one do you think it is?? LOL
The gift, pictured here ( sorry Deborah) to not do it justice... is
a box of Celestial Seasonings Green Tea in Blueberry Breeze, a packet of freshherbs from the market and a candle in the scent of Amaryllis and orange
and OMG, when my daughter and I opened the box it smelled absoutely HEAVENLY!!

This was the sweet note that was inside the package

( and she even remembered I'm on Weight Watchers!!)

This was the pretty card that the note was written in:))

Thank you so much Karen Deborah. I will definitely sit back with one of the two books I'm reading right now and enjoy of cup of tea or take a hot bubble bath and use my new candle as aromatherapy:))
And I gotta do some searching to make an awesome recipe using my fresh herbs:))

BTW I watched Oprah today with Mariah Carey , and it was a good show, but Ikept trying to spot Mimi, Dawn and Michelle, but didn't see them, oh well, hope theyhad a good time.



Karen Deborah said...

I am so glad you got your package, and enjoy it. those herbs are good in just about any Italian dish. I make my salad dressing for my fancy salad with it. It's on a salad post if you want the recipe. those are also the herbs that I put a pich into the mushroom gravy for that roast. They are so fragrant and delish only a little is needed.

Brandi said...

The house on the card is what my dream house looks like! Hope you enjoy all your winnings.

Coffee Bean said...

ooooh, how fun!