Friday, May 2, 2008

Silly Grandma...

Ok, first , before I get into my funny Grandma story, a few comments. You may know that I love Dancing with the Stars. I had previously mentioned that Def Leopard was going to be on this past Tuesday. I hoped they would sing "Pour Some Sugar On Me", I thought that would heat up the dance floor a bit. They did perform it and it was some great dancing that went along with it:))

At the moment I am crocehting a baby blanket for a freind of mine, who is having her shower on May 18th. She knows she is having a boy, and is decorating the nursery in camo... so in keeping with the camo theme I'm making her a hunter green and tan blanket. So far it looks pretty neat. I will take a picture of it when its done and post it to see what ya'll think...
Whatever happened to traditional baby blue?? oh well, should be interesting and cute...

I will soon be starting on Coffee Bean's lapghan she won on my contest. She has told me she wants the colors in cardinal red,royal blue andgray, her son's school colors. Will post pics of that when it is done.

Ok, here is my funny story. I've noticed lately some blogger freinds are posting stories that happened to them a while back. Here is a doozy ( at least my family thinks so):

This happened when my Grandma came down to Texas from Chicago to visit us not too long after we had been here. So this was probably 1980-1981 somewhere in there...

My grandma loved to shop. At the time, in Arlington Texas the Six Flags Mall was the place to be. It had some really nice stores in it and was a pretty nice mall. We took here there one Saturday so she could buy souveniers for her friends since it was her first time to Texas.
She wanted to go into a Department store, Sanger Harris (sp?) I believe it was at the time. Dad and I wanted to go down to the food court to get something to eat or drink. My mom said she would sit on the fountain edge right outside the store and wait for grandma since she was tired of all the walking we had done.
We found out grandma had to go to the second floor to get what she wanted . We told her that when she comes down the escalator , to go back around it and come out into the mall , and we would be waiting right there on the fountain. Dad and I got back from the food court, no grandma. Mom says she hadn't seen her come down the escaltor yet. We waited. And waited. And waited somemore. Finally after about 30 or so minutes we were getting a bit worried.
We went into Sangers to look for her, thinking she got sidetracked. No grandma. We asked around, still no grandma. Eventually we got Mall security in on this too. Still no grandma.

After a very long time, mom and I decided to go home in case she tried to call us. Dad stayed at the mall with the cops.
We get home, and our neighbor says that my grandma had been there asking what time it was and then she left again.. WHAT????? she wasn't in our house.. she wasn't at another neighbors house... she wasn't in our front yard. Grandma was getting this disappearing act down pretty good.
Finally, here comes a cop car pulling up in front of our house. With my grandma. All of our neighbors were outside with us. Good ol' grandma gets out of the cop car MAD AT US!!! BECAUSE WE LEFT HER AT THE MALL?!?!?!?!? HUH????? WE NEVER SAW HER LEAVE THE MALL!!!!!!

After much bickering back and forth we determined what had happened. She had finished her shopping not long after she had gone up to the 2nd floor. She got on the down escalator , rode down, and marched straight out the door of the store, into the parking lot. She was supposed to turn right or left and go back around the escalator and back out into the mall.
She then proceeded to hail a taxi, and was dropped off at our house. Shehad gone to our neighbors to find out the time. Then she had to go to the bathroom. Did she ask the neighbor if she could use her bathroom? NOPE! she walked to a restaurant many many blocks from our house to use their restroom. The cops picked her up on the way back because she fit the description we hadgiven them. She was madder than all get out. It took us a long time to get over losin' grandma at the mall. Now its just plain funny.

Grandma is gone now. She passed away shortly before her 94th birthday in 2006. I know she is in Heaven,and for God's sake, I hope there are very clear direction signs there:)))

Hope ya'll had a good laugh:))
Have a pretty busy weekend as usual,so will try to post again soon!
Have a great weekend


noble pig said...

Oh that is so hilarious! I sure she was mad as heck but I can totally see this happening. Thanks for the laugh.

Karen Deborah said...

That's a cute story. If you want to see the father/son team go to you tube and look up Dick & Rick Hoyt. There are several and they are all good.
you have a good attitude about the MD. Getting weight off will also help. God has something in mind he won't give you that to bear and not also provide some special gift. Thank you for sharing your struggle with me.

Memaw's memories said...

What a hoot of a story. Did grandma ever forgive your family?