Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh What Fun it is to ...

BOWL!!! Yes, thats right - BOWL! I know it has been several years since Chris and I have been bowling, and today the three of us did just that. We realized that we hadn't taken Nicole bowling since her Barbie Princess Bumper Bowl when she was liek 3, lol. So we had to basically teach her how to bowl. She was frustrated at first , but eventually got the hang of carrying the ball to the foul line and swinging it between her legs and letting go. Occasionally she hit some pins, and out of three games her highest score was 42:))

Chris and I were a different story though. We both knew how to bowl, but like I said , we hadn't done it in several years. Bowling isn't his favorite thing but he said it sounded like fun so what the heck. We got the beautiful red, white and blue rent -a-shoes, ( which I might add went stunning with my hot pink shorts and striped shirt), then we went to choose bowling balls. I used to bowl with my moms old ball, a 12 pound tan marble ball. I had it plugged and redrilled to fit me when I used to bowl in a league. Now I could barely lift a 12 lb ball, so I wound up bowling with like an 8 lb ball. I'm happy I didn't drop the ball though like I feared. ( Bowling sounded like great family fun, but with the MD I wasn't sure I could bowl like I used to).

Anyway, first game I did ok, got an 82 - beat Chris by 1 pt, hahaha. Second game I got 109 and the third a 103. I used to shoot somewhere in the 120-130s in league. So all in all I didn't think I did that bad. I even shot a few strikes. Chris shot well too, however he almost fell on his butt a few times because his shoes didn't slide. One shoe would stick, and he wasn't used to it, so he'd go to slide and stick and almost fall on his face. He did ok though.

After we left the bowling alley we went by Lowe's Home Improvement Store. Now I have to back track here a bit and let you know that the stove I have been cooking on was old. Very old. About a year ago I was cooking dinner , using 3 burners and one blew! I got scared and so for the last year have only been cooking on 1 burner. Needless to say that took a while. Today my sweetie bought me a brand spanking new stovetop. He installed it and I made sloppy joes for dinner on my new stove top. ( I will take a picture of it and post it tomorrow). I was so happy, I can actually use all four burners now:))

Well, thats all the entertainment I have for now. Tomorrow I think I'm going to work more on Kelly Jean's lapghan, read and do laundry. I should have a picture of the lapghan posted sometime later this week since I am almost done with it.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

cool i miss bowling... maybe that is something martha and I will manage to do this summer!
Hugs Laura
Congratualtions on the new stove top!

Theresa said...

Hey good morning! I saw your picture on 4 the kids and love the little hats. I also see your comments on Michelle's blog but didn't but the two together. Mabunny!
They are beautiful. I will be back to visit. I don't think I have ever been here before!
Have a great Memorial Day.

Karen Deborah said...

Daddy BB is a good bowler and the girls love it; I'm not so hot at it but it's the family time that counts.

noble pig said...

Can't wait to see the lapghan! I am the world's worst bowler...I kid you not. Glad you had fun.