Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Afternoon Blog Reader!!

A big HOWDY to all today. I just got home from helping with Nicoles field day at school. I am verrry hot and tired:)) I have a few things to mention, then I'm going to go watch tv and crochet a bit.

First of all, I received my bracelet that I won from Michelle. Click here to see this fabulous, wonderful, beautiful jewelry. After finishing some other projects, I am now ready to start Coffee Bean's lapghan. She has mentioned to me the colors she wants, and I will be starting that today.
Also, I just e-mailed Michelle the info to put up on the 4 The Kids site that is her brain child, but that I am happy to participate in. When its all up and ready to run I will definitely post the link on my side bar. If you haven't been keeping up, she is very passionate about raising funds for pediatric cancer research. She is donating half the proceeds from stuff she makes toward that research. I will be making chemo caps, prayer shawls and blankets to sell on the 4 The Kids website and part of the proceeds from those sales will also go toward pediatric cancer research.
We are VERY excitied about this. I also have some other crochet ideas in mind that I have to try out but it is all FOR THE KIDS, so it is all worth it!

I am now a SAHM, at least for the summer. I will enjoy it and hope to get a position as a substitute teacher when school starts back up for the 08/09 school year.

Well, I hope all of you had a great weekend. Stay in touch for the launch of the 4 The Kids website!!!

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Greg C said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I like yours as well. I will come back and read some of your past posts. I am now going to hop on over and viset Michelle.

Have a great day,