Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Relief, However Brief

Wow! Anyone that knows me knows that I do not like thunderstorms, but the one that has blown in this morning has brought temperatures down into the low 70s. Its usually well on its way to the 90s by this time of early afternoon.
I'm glad I got the front lawn mowed early this morning though. I also have my second load of laundry in the washer, have one folded, dishes done, and a light lunch eaten. I've been a busy bee, but it feels like a Monday to me. Dropped Chris off at the bus stop for work this morning, and dropped Nicole off at the carpool drivers house, cam home and got busy mowing.

After I cooled down from yard work, I got cleaned up and went up to my old Church to pick up a cookbook for my mom. We had both contributed to it, and I had been helping put them together before I left, so I got one and so did my mom. I know the Church ladies are wonderful cooks, and I want some of those recipes.

Our digital camera not working good atm, so I can't post pictures of my pretty new stove top, but will when it gets straighened out.

Since Father's Day will be here before we know it, I'm thinking ahead to what I will post. I was thinking of taking pictures of some of the stuff my father had made and showing you what nice work he did. Gotta go around and dig some stuff out of storage, but I think that would be a great post, that everyone would enjoy.

Nicole gets out of school Thursday. Her awards ceremony is tomorrow, so you may have to indulge me a bit , because I will probably brag a bit about her awards. My mom is coming with us so she is excited that Grandma will be here. Even though my mom lives like 30 minutes away we don't see each other as often as we would like because of gas prices. Currently here it is $3.79 a gln. So with an old van that guzzles fuel it isn't cost worthy, so we have to get as much out of the few visits that we can, until gas prices go down.

I hope everyone has a good day:))
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Coffee Bean said...

This time of year and through the summer I am glad we live where we do. We don't even have an air conditioner in our home. It does get up into the 90's during the worst of the summer but it always cools way down at night. Most of the leaves are now out on the trees and the grass is greening up. It is now safe for me to plant some flowers!

Our son doesn't get out of school until the 6th... and boy, is he ever mad about it. All the other districts in our area are already out for the summer.

Michelle said...

Hee! We had the same storms and ummm well, it was 42 when I woke up and got up to 54. And tonight we will have frost. I NEVER wear a coat in May. I have a jacket on now.

Good luck at the awards ceremony tomorrow! Oh, and gas here is $4.19/gallon.

See, it could be worse!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

you have been a busy busy gal, if you are so motivated when done come on over... I have a list a mile long I need to be working on :) Cool on the awards I can't wait to hear about them... Congratulations Nicole!
its in the upper 80's here terribly dry already and gas was 3.89 yesterday.... ack
hugs Laura

Anonymous said...

Now that Nicole is out of school you need to take a "Real Vacation" we love our camper...it's our Vacation house..hehehe!