Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Noel, or No Well ?

The other day when I was at the school, I happened upon the music room where the Choir was practicing for their concert. I thought they were singing The First Noel, which is a favorite Christmas tune of mine, so I stopped to listen. It quickly became apparent that that was NOT what they were singing.

Today I asked the teacher what words they were singing, since it definitely was not the traditional version. She told me it was the Animaniacs version.

I found it on YouTube, so please click off on my playlist and sit back and enjoy this very twisted version of The First Noel.


Flea said...

I so squishy heart Animaniacs!

Michelle said...

Ohhhh! I haven't heard that song in so long. Too funny that the music class was singing it. I love it :)

Bill and Lorie Shewbridge said...

I know my kids used to like Animaniacs, but I've never seen them... this was so cute.
Thanks so much for sharing.