Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturdays and Sunshine

Howdy to all in the blogosphere! Here in Dallas TX we woke to a bit of a chill this morning. Actually had to go in the closet and retrieve some blankets so Sue and Nicole don't turn into bedridden icicles. ( ok, its not THAT cold, but my thermostat reads 67 - and when it does a sudden drop like that - its COLD!)

It is now officially my favorite month. I love October - it signals FALL , which I just love. I wish I lived someplace where I could actually see the changing colors and such, but I don't. I'll just deal with it. Here during the summer, most of the grass and stuff turns brown from being burned to death in the sun, then it gets chilly and stays that way. No changing of colors for moi.

But October also brings with it some fun blog events, two of which I'm involved in and promised to mention here! First of all, my friend Michelle of SoS is once again at it! This time for Sanity's Blogtober Tip Parade - click HERE to check it out.

Second, Shannon of The Mommy Files, has started a Halloween Blog or Treat. Click the cute little pumpkin button on the top of my right sidebar and join the fun!

Nothing else is happening that is tooo exciting here. Our state fair has once again come to town and we are hoping that we get to go this year. Every year the school kids get a free entry ticket for Faire Day, but we have NEVER been able to go on that day. This year it is on Friday the 9th, so not sure if we will get to go or not.

The weekend of the 9th also is the weekend of my 20th Highschool reunion which I am going to be unable to attend. It sucks, but I have reconnected with so many people on Facecrack, I mean book, that I guess it won't matter - I'm sure I will get to see tons of pics on there.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Michelle said...

67 and blankets? Marcy, that's when we open the windows and enjoy the fresh air! :)

Cookie said...

I love Fall too! I have never been to high school reunion. I sometimes wonder if I'm missing anything.

Chris H said...

i think your Fall and our Spring are similar temps! I am looking forward to summer, it's just around the corner!

kanishk said...

I have never been to high school reunion. I sometimes wonder if I'm missing anything.
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