Thursday, August 13, 2009

Still Here

Yuppers, I'm still at my moms house. See, chris was supposed to pick us up lastnight, but he is now sick. The other guy he works with didn't bother to share the little tidbit if info that his whole family got sick over their vacation , so when he came back to work feeling poorly, he shared it with my hubby. Now Chris is coughing, barely has a voice, and feels like crap.

Since Nicole starts school this coming Monday we are staying here till at least tomorrow evening. Hopefully he will feel better enough to come get us. Otherwise maybe my aunt will run us home.

Anyway, my mom is doing fantastic. her eyes look really puffy, but the discoloration is starting to go down. She is very pleased with the results, but they said it would take a few months to really see how she will look, after everything is totally healed.

As a thank you to me for coming and staying with her my mom send Nicole and I for a manicure yesterday - it was nice. We both got French manicures and look beautimous. Of course, more pics of that will be posted probably Monday now, since I won't be home till tomorrow evening.

Hope everyone is doing great. I am despereatley missing Facebook at the moment. I can't play any of my games! I can log into FB, but my mom doesnt' hae Flashplayer or anything for me to play. I'll try to download it;)

Take care everyone and have a great weekend!


jojo said...

no FB..gah! how will you survive!! Glad things are going well for your mom and hoping Chris is better soon so you two can head home. Take care..;p

Flea said...

Manicures ROCK! And I'm so glad your mom is recovering well. I hope you and Nicole don't get whatever Chris has!

Karen Deborah said...

I've got that cough and it's a mess.

Michelle said...

Glad to hear it's going well with your mom. So sweet of her to send you for manicures! And boo to the co-worker. Fingers crossed that Chris is feelin better soon!

Mary Ellen said...

I hate it when people feel the need to share their germs!

Glad your mom is doing well, and can't wait to see the pix of the mani's.